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SEVENTH-DIGIT is an affordable and most innovative corporate video production company of India.

We provide a complete range of corporate video production services – from creative concept, filming, professional voice-overs, animated graphics, illustrations, and final editing.

Corporate Video produced by us effectively communicates a lot in a small amount of time which is perfect for meetings and presentations, where the most efficient way of making an impact is getting your point across in the shortest time possible.

These Corporate Videos can be used with great success for one-on-one sales meetings; exhibitions or product launches; boardroom and conferences; television broadcast.



As a Corporate Video Production Company we believe that a corporate video is an invaluable marketing tool, leaving your prospects with a clear picture of your business in less than ten minutes.

A Corporate Video produced by us effectively communicates a lot in a small amount of time which is perfect for meetings and presentations, where the most efficient way of making an impact is getting your point across in the shortest time possible.

These Corporate Videos can be used with great success for one-on-one sales meetings; exhibitions or product launches; boardroom and conferences; television broadcast.



SEVENTH-DIGIT has done more than 100+ MOTIVATIONAL FILMS for its clients on different themes using out of the box SCRIPTS, motivating VOICE OVER & MUSIC and impact full STOCK FOOTAGE or LIVE FOOTAGE. The basic objective behind our motivational films is to plan and implement a new strategy, or an innovation that has a life changing effect. 

Depending on what your overall business goals are, SEVENTH-DIGIT films are able to create the perfect motivational film, which will help you to reach out to your customers and make a significant part in their lives.  Our team will work close to your needs and requirements, which will leave your potential clients stimulated and encouraged. 

These Motivational films can be used when dealing with a large audience; in public events; regarding medical innovations; or a social cause.



SEVENTH-DIGIT Films is recognized as a growing commercial and cinematic film production company in Mumbai. With a team of dedicated perfectionists including experienced Creative Producers, Directors, Art Directors, Location Managers, Cinematographers and Post Production professionals we provide development and film services to clients and agencies across Mumbai, INDIA, and abroad.  

2014 - 2015 has been an unprecedented time of growth for SEVENTH-DIGIT Films. Please take a minute to view some of the projects we have produced or serviced for our clients. 

SEVENTH-DIGIT films understand that a commercial film represents an important portion of your marketing investment. Our team of immensely talented professionals will leave your potential clients spellbound. 



SEVENTH-DIGIT believes that magical things happen when our creative skills combine with the alchemy of your business ideas. As an animation company, we create visual excitement for your brand through 2D/3D images, VFX tools and unparalleled interactivity to make your customers sit and stick to it and observe the spectacle unfolding before their eyes! Our futuristic technological tools and services are to be seen to be believed. We are Experts in visual and story development, including complete CG and stereoscopic animation and image creation. There is a growing need for animated films, to make mundane and dull subject, exciting and visually delightful. At SEVENTH-DIGIT films, we focus in making your idea into an enchanting animated film, which is a visual delight for your soon-to-be clients.



SEVENTH-DIGIT as an interactive video production company firmly believes that every business should have an explainer video. It inflates your conversion rates, clarifies your product, and boost your sales. We serve this category of explainer video services at very competitive rates.

Interactive videos explain the whole idea to the viewer in just 2-3 minutes. These videos entice its viewer by simplistic designs and wooing elements and are always fun to watch. These Explainer videos are really engaging as a result it converts a just “moved on” audience into a buying customer or follower. 

Interactive films can help you gain trust before your future clients, as it interrelate with them while representing your product or service. Essentially this can be used while demonstrations or exhibitions to hold on to clients 



SEVENTH-DIGIT is a Mumbai based promotional video production company specializing in high-quality promotional videos and films for both corporate and entertainment. We aim to communicate your message or brand, clearly and artistically in short, succinct videos. 

In today’s on-demand and High Definition world, videography services go beyond what television commercials and the ordinary internet can do. More and more businesses are utilizing video production services to create web commercials, online marketing content, social media optimization, promotional videos, corporate videos, corporate training, live webcasting & streaming and more. SEVENTH-DIGIT films focuses on integrating all the possible information and evenstream it live on your site, email link, or share via YOUTUBE for more viewers.



SEVENTH-DIGIT films production effort includes conferences, events, brand videos, product videos and training videos. We also have a background in music and music video production which can add a slick and polished, modern feel to your corporate video production.

We film and produce videos for many types of corporate events and purposes and are considered to be professional, creative, flexible and friendly to work with.

As a leading promotional video production company we make thinking made visible in our video production. At SEVENTH-DIGIT, our innovation and development team are committed to ensure that the new technologies are working just for you, and never against you. We will always aim to make your company become a corporate market gem.



SEVENTH-DIGIT a motion graphics company. We create eye-catching, informative and above all very smooth and simple motion graphics which leaves a long lasting impact in the minds of its viewer. Reading is dull and unexciting, but good info graphic videos are exhilarating and retained promptly.  Today WhatsApp, youtube, facebook, instagram etc has been proved as a great platform for marketing. Not all of our prospects can read and concentrate; in such situations what we need is a 1 to 3 minutes of short and simple motion graphics video which can leave its impact over all kinds of viewers.

These motion graphics videos are fun to watch and easy to spread and share.



These inspiration videos productions are  importantly meant for company meetings, retirement functions, mother’s day, father’s day, birthdays,  NGO events.

In this prime age of social media, these inspirational videos have become a great tool of marketing and branding.

There are many companies in India which are using our daily, weekly, special day inspirational video production services for branding their name and for their employees.

At SEVENTH-DIGIT films our planning and innovation team does in-depth research and find out the most appealing story as per your target audience, only then we plan a strategy which inspires and enthrals your intended audience to join your campaign with whole heart.



SEVENTH-DIGIT is one of the distinguished Biographical film making company in Mumbai, with a team of creative, highly skilled and best Biographical film makers, video makers and photographers. We have a sound understanding of the content. 

Our expert film makers produce high-tech Biographical film. We focus on how your Biographical film will look impressive and how your film will communicate the right message to your audience that will engage and will make them to act. We put in our whole heart in creating emotional and inspiring biographies. This helps you to get a secure place in the market, as your customer gets to know you closer.



From pin to plane, brands are getting more experimental and movie like with their video marketing strategies.  Short films are becoming well-travelled roads for brands hoping to lure viewers in, with compelling content. SEVEN-DIGIT FILMS, makes creative, intriguing and compelling short films which leaves your clients awestruck. We value your time. In order to make short films, a powerful  marketing tool for you, we make 1 minute say 1.8 million words. 

SEVENTH-DIGIT believes that there’s an extreme clutter and chaos in the real time market. So in order to stand out and have a human connection with consumer, we make short films that are more relatable and authentic. This also makes your clients share them and spread the word.



“A picture is worth a thousand words”. Photography is the most primitive way of marketing yet so effective even in today’s digital age. It covers the three important concepts of branding; brand focus, brand identity and brand awareness. All these can easily be sorted if we have a good product photo shoot. Photography is our forte. It’s the most essential element of brand construction. We know that your clients are going to judge you on the basis of product photo shoots. We have the solution. We deal in state of art technologies, high definition lenses, modern lightings, custom coloured backgrounds and experienced photographers. Collectively, WE take your brand to the next level and entice your customer to make your products fly off the shelf.

We at SEVENTH-DIGIT believes that, campaigns need to be clear and simple, because your customer will first SEE, then LISTEN! 



As a corporate, conference presentation is observed almost twice a month. At SEVENTH-DIGIT, we ensure about the whole conference presentation. We realize the value of time and realistic content for your product. We present interesting audio visual aids, which are intriguing and long retainable.

We help you to put forward, the point you want to communicate, in a creative way. This reduces ambiguity and your viewers are going to comprehend it and retain it. We help your viewers/audience to sustain to the concept which you are presenting through US.

We at SEVENTH-DIGIT can serve you better, by drawing our principles from real time stories, authentic statistical data, and anecdotes, to backup your brands story. WE also use case studies so that it becomes relatable to the viewers.